Erez Romm, Head of Programmatic & RTB, Intango   Have you ever typed a domain into a browser, pressed enter, got to the wrong place, only to realize you forgot…

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So you are doing A/B testing. That’s wonderful! However, you’ve probably already discovered that even though A/B testing looks very straightforward, it’s actually far from that. One of the main…

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Have you ever seen a soft drink or car commercial that appealed to reason and intellect? Me neither. We’re all primarily emotional creatures who think. When we need to make…

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  Leaky funnels aren’t just annoying for mechanics: they have marketers everywhere banging their heads against the wall. Sometimes it’s hard to get enough traffic to your site. Sometimes it’s…

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Neuro-linguistic Programming, or NLP, is a set of techniques and principles that allow communication with and influence over another person’s subconscious mind. It was developed in the 70’s for therapeutic…

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Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: you have an attribution problem. If you advertise on more than one channel, the (very real) possibility that a user…

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